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October 2008
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corvi [userpic]

You should all go read this amusing story brought to my attention by jadine.

On an only vaguely related note, I like jadine, a lot. Good taste in music and books. And I still get that delightful little ego buzz that someone I don't even know and probably never will finds my journal interesting enough to comment on frequently. Purr.


You're talking about ego buzz? *blushes*

Besides, you're one of the most fascinating people I've found.

And there's no reason for you to probably never know me... unless you're planning on leaving Seattle, and after the gorgeous comment you wrote on why you love it, I doubt that...

Jadine should come to Midgard. :)

Everyone should come visit me!

Wait, that means coming to Cleveland. Ick. Hmmm...

Okay, everyone should buy me plane tickets! Much better. :)

I live in West Lafayette Indiana. Cleveland seems a veritable paradise of culture. ;)

Both of you should leave the squalid midwest cities so obviously unworthy of your lovely, luminous minds, and come visit me in Seattle. How hard is this?

Do I not visit you enough? :)

You need ask? In a word: No.

Here's a Top Seekrit Hint: Move to Seattle.

Would that I could...

Hey, I'm following that hint!

This made me cry a few actual tears of joy. I am recently starting to understand how important relationships really are, to create a network, or maybe THE network of sentient beings. If I am not wrong, you know jadine because you know me, and I know people who are close to her. I've really been feeling my place in this network of people lately. It gives my life meaning. :-)

Could well be. I don't know what dusty back alley of livejournal lit only by a flickering orange streetlight she stumbled upon my journal in, but I do recall noting when I read her info that you were also listed as a friend.

If so, I owe you a thank you. Thankee muchly, m'lady.
Ooops, too much NorWesCon.

Indeed, I found corivax through you, my dear.

And I hope to get to know you better as well, once I make it up there. I expect I'll be next door often enough :)

And I found corivax through dymaxion, who is here because of you, and you're here because of me, and I'm here because of eyeteeth, and ...

Ah! That explains that. I was wondering.