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October 2008
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corvi [userpic]
Seattle locals: smelting party

Smelting/forging/obsidian knapping party this Friday, at the Burrow (in Seattle, comment with your email if you need directions/address or to let me know you're coming).

Smelting itself is pretty straightforward - we'll dig and start the furnace at around three, and it will burn for six or seven hours, with someone shoveling more charcoal in every once in a while. We won't know until the next morning whether we've got copper, though. There will be s'mores over the furnace pit! Moral imperative. There will also be some barbecue'd food, but feel free to bring either chips/snack food or something to barbecue. (And no, we haven't used the barbecue for mad science anodization experiments recently. Not that you can prove, anyway.)

There will also be lots of Random Geek Conversation, since not everyone can use the forge at once, even if they wanted to. This is a dual-purpose party: smelting and an informal birthday party for that living avatar of Summer, vixyish. (If you'd like to bring her something, but don't know her very well, try flowers, cut, potted, or plantable - vixyish seems to enjoy making her yard sing with color. And I assure you watching her face light up is utterly worth it, but I may be a bit biased. Gifts are by no means required, however.)

If you're interested in working with the obsidian and you have a heavy canvas or leather apron, you may want it.

Comments screened, since people mught be posting email for directions.

PS No, you may not make a sacrifical aztec obsidian knife, unless you bring your own goat.


sure does sound like a neat party. :)

Wish I lived in Seattle - sounds like a great time, and vixyish deserves a happy and fun birthday celebration, too - just as she's getting - and happy and fun places are where I want to be these days. :)

\ |/
-- 0 --
/ |\

(That's supposed to be a flower. Hmmm.)

Aww! Thanks! :D

I think the Aztecs sacrificed humans, actually?

They did animals, as well, I believe.

Mostly, I'd prefer people not sacrifice the other guests. Gets blood in the furnace, and then there's too much iron flux, and we have to add more sand. It's just a pain.

please do post photos if someone does bring a goat.

Plus I don't think we're zoned for that.

Now there's an argument for moving to unincorporated county.

Oh, now that sounds fun! Hope you get copper this time in usable quantities, and fun in memorable quantities!

I wish I could come! :)

I wish you could come, too. That would be vastly entertaining. :)

dammit, i wish i was even on the right continent to come :(

I have a book around here with instructions on making goatskin forge bellows, which start with "Once you've slaughtered your goat..."

Please post lots of pictures afterwards, and good luck with the copper! :)

Oh, man, please find out the name of that book for us! gfish has been looking at leather tanning, and that's one of the stated goals.

It's "Basic Blacksmithing" by David Harries and Bernhard Heer. ISBN no: 1-85339-195-6

It's not the most fantastic of books, but it does describe some interesting ways of making equipment from readily available materials. There are illustrations.

and i must correct myself, it reads: "After slaughtering the goat, hang it from a tree..."

I have a copy of that somewhere. The descriptions of various forge designs are definitely the highlight. A very practical guide, though advising against box-bellows because of their complexity seems a bit limiting to me.