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October 2008
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corvi [userpic]
aerial silks!

In summary: YAY! WHEE!

The graceless-but-effective lyonesse invited me to come along to aerial silks practice, which is where some odd virtual-photon event occurred, spinning off an alternate universe. In my universe, I was thinking, "Ooooh, this will be so cool to watch;" in lyonesse's universe the question of the day is whether I'd packed any non-jeans pants to wear on the silks. Thanks to the scheming meddling of some Giant Evil Space Glyptodonts with Quantum Rayguns, I was somehow stranded in this fascinating alternate universe, even if I did then have to borrow a pair of tights. :)

I managed to hang upside-down in the fabric sling and squee gleefully, mostly. It's hard to figure out the right angles to put your joints at for most effective use of bone and muscle structure to support weight. There were a few times when I felt like I could have hung from the silks all night, but most of the time it seemed impossible to hold myself up for even a few seconds. I'm abysmally low on body-awareness, though. I wonder if taking up silks would change that.

I can't even begin to describe how amazing it is to watch the people who actually know what they're doing. At the Bremerton Airport where I learned to fly, there was a small flock of swallows, the irridescent-feathered offspring of parametric geometry and sheer joy, dancing spirals over the tarmac in the shimmerheat dawn. I have met their human counterparts, I think.

It's funny - all my life there's been this theme, seeking flight, all the ways a human can find to know it. When I was a kid that was a lot of swimming, and jumping off the occaisional five-story building, silly stuff like that. And the older I got the more interesting and baroque my schemes became, culminating in sheer mad science - building a zero gravity robot just to con NASA into sending me (and gfish and lilsquishy and xmurf) into zero-gravity this year for, uh, vital research purposes. Really. Vital advances towards building that little spherical hovering droid in Star Wars, that's us.

And sometime last year I realized I didn't know what to do next, after finally getting to go into zero gravity after five years of work. I still have skydiving, but that's going to fall a bit flat after zero-gravity, and after that I'd have to find a new cinematic theme. At least, so I thought.


PS Dear Giant Evil Space Glyptodonts:
Thank you! If you need help conquering earth, lemme know.

Current Mood: giddywhee!

welcome to my world. the gravity is variable here. you may stay as long as you like.

the glyptodons like cherries, macadamia nuts, white roses, and vodka. but these things can be obtained via theft or trade rather than outright conquering, and glyptodons are sorta lazy. you'll still need to supply your own tights :)

best regards,
--graceless but effective

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

check out http://www.fireflydance.com for an example. i don't know of general resources, though. google may or may not be your friend :)

kitesurfing looks like it would feel like flying. you're harnessing the wind for motion, at least. I'd imaging it's like flying, anyway, or maybe just sailing with a very very small boat...

that sounds like a great deal of fun :)

you seem to do a lot of fun things.

from Russia with LOVE!!!!!
Ура!!!!! 9 МАЯ!!!! ПОБЕДА!!!!!

I love Silks

Aerial Silks are really great for a better awareness of the body. I love mine. Anyhow, I was just googling them, because watching videos is a good way to figure out new moves, and I found this lj post.

Re: I love Silks

Check out dilletante, if your google search didn't take you there! He's trying to create a video/still image catalogue of all the moves.

Thanks for stopping by. :)