corvi (corivax) wrote,

Things You Learn Watching Contra Dancing While Sleep Deprived

Contra-dancing is full of caustics! It's very neat. I was watching all the dancing, every footfall a needle-burst of pale misty copper light, and it was like watching frost on a windowpane, long curves laid out by the needles fanning from them, and I wondered where I'd seen all these curves before: open figure-eight nephroids and cascading spiralled epitrochoids and cardioids graceful and heart-shaped. And then I realized they were all caustic curves: the shapes laid out by light refracted through a lens. Like the odd scallop-edged puddle of light you get in the middle of the shadow of an empty wineglass. Mmm, tasty physics dancing, light all layered and braided and shining.

Also got to meet beowabbit, who appears to be the human incarnation of some primoridial and cheerfully chthonic grin, minus the tentacles. Did not get to actually dance myself, alas.

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