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October 2008
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corvi [userpic]

Poll #479241 eptitude

Would you describe yourself as socially inept?

About average, I guess.
Nah, I'm good with people.
Not at all!
I believe this question is ill-posed, but I like checking things in polls.


My thing is that I'm actually pretty socially "ept," but I feel socially inept. Like, I've been told I actually usually come off as friendly and polished, perhaps slightly reserved, but I always FEEL really inept and awkward. So I checked "About average," since I figure that balances my perception of myself and the perceptions of others.

i'm frighteningly good at some kinds of "social" situations, and completely at sea in others.

Same here, but I usually think of myself as inept, even though it is not entirely accurate.

well, i guess that means you can pleasantly exceed expectations sometimes :)

I used to think of myself as socially inept, then realized that thinking of yourself as being socially inept is self-reinforcing. So I try to think of myself as "a little reserved, sometimes" rather than "totally awkward and shy".

Better than average in some ways; worse in others. Really, it depends on who the other people are. (If they're geeks, I do very well.)

I work better in some resolutions than others. I'm a good teacher, I'm generally good at dealing with strangers, meeting new people, keeping things organized, keeping groups running smoothly... And I can be a good flunky too -- it's not about positions in the social hierarchy.

I tend to get a bit twitchy when I actually get close to people, though. (Doesn't mean I don't *like* being close to people, it's just conditioned response.)