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October 2008
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corvi [userpic]
Well, that was sudden

I seem to be in Boston. Whee!
Anyone want to see me while I'm on this coast? :)

Current Mood: pleasedpleased

will you be in... say... rhode island?

I don't have access to a car, alas. Do you know of a good non-car way to get there?

Welcome to the Right Coast!

w00t. eisa wanted to head up your way anyway, so it seems pretty likely that'll happen.

Sure. Unfortunately, I'm in Seattle.

Think of it as an opportunity to practice your clairvoyance!

Hrm. Pittsburgh isn't that far from Boston, right? :)

PS. How long will you be around?

(Also, I'll be on your usual coast all summer. I expect to visit Seattle, given that flights along the west coast tend to be fairly cheap...)

You had sent me mail earlier re: visiting. If you're still interested, ping me again.

hey cool! i'd love to see you. ping me at lyonesse@livejournal with gory details, and we can work something out over email?

My hostess is being called away from Boston by a family emergency this weekend, stranding me in a strange city in which I know nobody. Would you like to get together this weekend? :) It would probably be good for my sanity to see someone I knew, even if only via the wierd tenuousity of livejournal.

Does hotpoint know you're in town?

I don't know. Can you suggest a better way to get ahold of him than livejournal?