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October 2008
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corvi [userpic]

So today, I am supposed to hang out in the lab and show off That Damn Robot to prospective grad students for the EE Research Lab Open House whatsit. I am far too amused at the idea of telling them, with a straight face, that the camera systems are "photon modulators" and the thrustercones are "graviton deflector dishes". :)

I will be wearing my official KC-135 shirt. You can't doubt anyone wearing an official KC-135 shirt!1

The robot is eeriely cubical and designed to zoom about in the absence of gravity, after all...

[1] With great power comes great repsnosib-respong-repsiby... er, I seem to be allergic to that word. But I assure I would never dream of abusing the awesome might of my official KC-135 shirt. Why dream when you can just go out and do it?

Current Mood: mischievouscausing trouble

Does the shirt say "Vomit Comet" on it?

One of the more surreal part of the whole experience was NASA telling us, repeatedly, and at great length, that it was NOT the 'vomit comet'. Except they refused to even say it out loud, like maybe the words would somehow conjure an unfriendly reporter. They'd say, "Call it the weightless wonder. Don't use another rhyming nickname you might have heard. That's not an approved nickname. If you say that on any of the tapes, we can't release the tapes to you or the media." They even mention somewhere that saying 'vomit comet' in your research proposal lowers your chances of being sponsored.

The shirt says "weightless wonder", too.

Using a fun nickname that has (for space-related hardware) enormous recognition would be too media savvy for NASA. They had to come up with their own lame version.

Put the Santa hat back on it. Claim that it helps the vomit cometweightless wonder staff locate the robot more easily in freefall.

With great power comes great repsnosib-respong-repsiby...

No no, it's cookies.