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So today, I am supposed to hang out in the lab and show off That Damn Robot to prospective grad students for the EE Research Lab Open House whatsit. I am far too amused at the idea of telling them, with a straight face, that the camera systems are "photon modulators" and the thrustercones are "graviton deflector dishes". :)

I will be wearing my official KC-135 shirt. You can't doubt anyone wearing an official KC-135 shirt!1

The robot is eeriely cubical and designed to zoom about in the absence of gravity, after all...

[1] With great power comes great repsnosib-respong-repsiby... er, I seem to be allergic to that word. But I assure I would never dream of abusing the awesome might of my official KC-135 shirt. Why dream when you can just go out and do it?

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