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October 2008
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corvi [userpic]
Hail and well met

I got off the bus at the Kirkland transit center today, hunching my shoulders against the hail, and there was a scent something like absinthe or gingerbread made with wild ginger, a thing that curls and tangles in spice and wildness. Lavendar warm and spicy, cherry silver and sweet, and something like lemon, and something like the new soft green pine needles in their buds, and something like rose-hips or smoke or cinnamon. Unearthly and wondrous, and strong enough to linger still on my fingertips.

And then I saw that the gutters were thick with hail and torn blossoms, crimson and white and flame-orange and the soft new green of pine needles. The hail had torn down and destroyed all the new buds, all the leaves curled silent and sleeping.

And all I could do was stand there with all the colors of spring crushed spiced and wild at my feet and ice caught pale in my hair, and wish devoutly for a poet's gifts. There are probably times I have wanted them more badly, but not many.

Current Mood: pensivepoetry envy

All you have to do is write and revise the images over and over, and you'd have the gifts you seek--as you know, you have them already.

sounds pretty and poetic enough to me. =)

btw - do you have any interest in this?
(not entirely your field of expertise, i know, but somewhat robotic and rather cool-sounding)

That is really cool-sounding. Unfortunately, while I can do machining, I mostly just make parts other people design. I don't have the skills to plan stuff, just build stuff. Thank you, though. I'm flattered you thought of me.

awww... well. next time! :-)

There should be a Dial-a-Poet service. Call the 800 number, and a poet will head to your spot and bard it up!

Having read your journal for a little while, i firmly believe you already have the poet's gifts.

Judging by your post on reading (stormwatching) you come a great deal closer to the soul of a poet than many journalers I've encountered. This one too is beautiful in its way - not only perfectly describing the scene but a true pleasure to read as well.

Wow, uh, thanks. :) Praise from people who don't know me and have no reason to suck up! Woo!

I say what I think. Doesn't matter if I know you or not. That being said however, I suspect I'll be back from time to time to read more. The first page (back to December 11th) has almost all been interesting stuff. Don't be surprised if you find your name appearing on my friends list at some point - if you don't object that is?

I don't object at all.