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October 2008
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corvi [userpic]
Meditations on an inkblot

This weekend, there is a group gathering, and I have high hopes for getting to paint people at it. At least one or two, possibly more. (I ended up painting three people at our last party, and putting random words on several others) My ride plans to arrive early, so this is quite possible.

I still can't really explain my fascination with this. But part of it:

It makes people more beautiful, I think. To me, anyway. Rather, it makes the beauty I already know they posess more clear, writ upon skin with a heavy hand. Creating beauty is a very noble and appealing thing, and ought to be the goal of more of our actions. Example:

I painted Mibae, 'vanity' upon vix. Vix is sort of bubbly of personality, short, bouncy, giggles more than any sane human who is not a mad scientist bent on world domination should. Mibae means... Hm. Well, literally, it has a character to indicate light/shine/sparkle (derived from the sun-character), and a character representing an eye/show/look. "Look at me! I'm sparkly!" And somehow, it's perfect. I don't personally find vix particularly cute, not because she's ugly(she isn't, at all), just because the 'Look, a twelve year old with breasts!' does very little for me. But the kanji acts as a link between innervix and outervix, makes it easier to see and understand the sparkle of her, makes her breathtakingly lovely.

(And even after the kanji was long worn away - the ink is *very* temporary- there is still a little of it about her; metphorical glitter, that echoes with shiny footsteps in my mind, distant harp music. Sparkle.)

(And yes, I am an etymology-type freak, fond of selecting words for their double meanings, or for meanings that have been long lost. There's an art to it. And I speak Latin, which helps a lot with the double-meaning game in English. Languages are fascinating. Though, for the kanji, I usually have help and just narrow it down after the victim is down to three or four choices)

...And I'm not the only one who thinks so. Four paintings I've done, in kanji designed with the recipient and the meaning of the words in mind. My calligraphy is not great, but it is improving. Two of them, I've done twice. And I think my victims feel it, too, can somehow sense how much the ink becomes them, because, without exception, they all made vague noises about getting the ink tattooed more permanently. Mind you, I don't expect any of them to follow through, but the fact that they did means I got it right, means the ink really conveys *them* and not what I think they are or should be.

That's one hell of an artistic acheivement, and I really want to do it again. Because it's fun, because it makes people beautiful, because it's a communication and a way of telling someone what I think of them (though I doubt anyone understands, but hey), because it is a sort of magic, I suppose.

natsu ame

Saturday, saturday. Hm, I wonder how many of the four I can talk into it?


I'm in.

Oh yes. If I can find a place. I'm planning to have a sheer blouse on, and what I'd *really* like to do is find a corner somewhere and have you paint my shoulder, where it'll show *under* the blouse. I forget how long it takes to dry, though... have to walk around looking weird for a while. :)

Wow, three out of four. You guys kick ass.

Thank you SO much for letting me do this.

I am SO bringing the label stock.

corvi, have I mentioned that you are incredibly good for my ego? (Or bad for my vanity?) ;)

(I refer to her as looking like 'a twelve year old with breasts' and she thinks I'm good for her ego? I'd better be careful not to actually compliment her; she might explode)

Selective memory on my part. I choose to focus on the shiny sparkly type comments. :)

Memory of a twelve-year-old too, I see. :P

wasn't kisai looking up kanji to have you paint on him and his royal consorts? :)

Indeed! Kanji on kisai, and kanji on both the consorts (two on one of them), bringing my paint-total to 7! Woo! Though three of those, I am not anticipating being deep spiritual moments.

And I would let you paint me if I were there. Heck, when I'm there in two weeks, you can paint me if you want and if we can find time. What's my character again?


Raku. I won't know it's a great fit until I attempt the calligraphy, though. That's usually when I figured out whether I'm on the right track - the instant I've completed the first brushstroke.