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robot robot hop!

We are just now doing the final editing pass on the TEDP for NASA, and I wanted to share this impossibly cute image lilsquishy drew of two flight team members and one of the NASA zero-g techs handling a certain aggravating cubical robot.

It looks so cute! And so professional!

And derangedly optimistic! Nobody's space sick, and everyone is paying attention. I predict at least one team member will spend most of the time doing zero-gravity somersaults and bouncing off the walls and yelling, "The enemy's gate is down!" randomly at other research teams. La la la. But of course, I have no idea who and wouldn't dream of it myself. Not at all.

I'm at that stage of punchdrunk where I'm inordinately amused by how much one of the tiny, cute little allen screwdrivers is well-weighted for knife-throwing. And team members keep sitting in front of our corkboard. I want so. very. badly. to throw the screwdrive and bury it in the cork next to someone's ear with a nice loud TWANG-thunkathunkathunka. Those've you who've never been on a big project with me just don't know what you're missing! And thank god for that. :)

xmurf says, "I must be tired. I haven't won a game of solitaire yet."

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