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October 2008
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corvi [userpic]
lovely, dark and deep

Lots of snow last night, mostly faded by the time I got up in the morning. I wandered around with my $giftmas camera at 1AM when the snow stopped. It was shadowy and soft and ominous and warmed the cockles of my little black heart.

That sort of wet, pillowy snow that squeeks under your feet, the sort you can feel every flake of if you're barefoot.

I wish my cheapass digital camera had a macro lens, though.

Also, lathes are incredibly sexy. You might even say lickable (though I would never dream of licking a lathe). Especially the new CNC lathe.

And it does such fascinating things to metal:

Current Mood: amusedsnow!
(no subject) - (Anonymous)

Yeah, me too. But there are so many cats to pet, first!

Does the lens have threads for filters? I've got 2 43mm Close-Up filters (+7 and +10) that I could let you borrow.

No, it's the world's cheapest digital camera; I'm hoping to someday get my film camera repaired and have the digital for spur-of-the-moment pictures. Thank you, though.


And what nice arches your feet have! :-)

Affirmative action

Since catamorphism is a chickenshit asshat who likes to invite discussion, ban people who express ideas with whom s/he disagrees, and then use his/her journal as a platform for ridiculing those with whom s/he disagrees without allowing them to respond, I'll respond to your comments in your journal, if I may. I won't be offended if you delete this since it's OT here, but for obvious reasons I am unable to respond in the forum in which you made your comments.

I don't expect issues this complex and messy to have a perfect solution that's fair for everyone, and I don't expect all other solutions to completely devoid of logic and supportable only by the imbecilic and the evil.

I agree fully.

The world is a strange and intricately convoluted place.

But much simpler if one closes one's eyes, stops up one's ears, and refuses to acknowledge differing viewpoints.

I don't know what the right thing to do about affirmative action is; I don't think there's a single, perfect course of action we could adopt and live happily ever after.

Careful, you'll get banned by catamorphism for saying this sort of thing.

We're just all groping blindly toward the light together.

Well, some of us are, anyway. Others apparently prefer ignorance to cooperative or open discussion.

Re: Affirmative action

Thank you for taking the time to respond to me, but I wish you had used this space to do something besides attack catamorphism.