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October 2008
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corvi [userpic]
forge pictures

A couple of weeks ago, before all this holiday mess, I was complaining that it was really hard to get decent pictures of the forging process - the metal is hot enough to glow, and the hammer and anvil are dark, and it has been beyond my skill level to get them both visible at once. nanoflux volunteered to come by and give it a shot, and his pictures are excellent.

I was working on a number of small, thin leaf-shapes in order to test different tempering methods and see what colors or patterns I could get, carving into them before or after tempering. gfish was working on an equatorial sundial.

A leaf in the forge, warming up.

The dark patches is scale, pearl grey and curling.

Curling the point of the leaf around backwards. You can see a little silver pile of scale on the anvil where it has flaked off.

gfish's sundial.

Thank you, nanoflux! You rox0r.


It is in my driveway instead of my backyard, but it is quite small and rather cute, yes. It needs some updating, but I kept a construction log while building it.