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corvi [userpic]

Finished my first hand-forged blade today, made from a high-carbon boeing surplus drill piece and tempered deep sunset colors. Hard to take a picture of, as it is shiny and irredescent. Whee!

Note: if you're interested in the long picture-heavy post I'm going to make about tempering/annealing/forging/grinding/queching but you've never opted onto my art filter because you weren't into my pansy calligraphy/glassblowing/photography, lemme know and I'll add you now. :)

Current Mood: cheerfulglee!
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Ooo! Ooo! Oh, that's just gorgeous!

Oooh, pretty shiny precious sharpie!! :-)

The only thing that could make it even more gorgeous would be to see it sliding between someone's ribs. Not than I have anyone in mind. That I'll mention. Here.

It's beautiful! :)

I'd love to be in on the list for the art posts, please.

Not sure if I'm in your art filter or not, I think yes.


"Iridescent". Also I'd love to correct your spelling mistakes on your art filter, especially if done in fine handwriting.

ooh, shiny shiny

Tempering produces such wonderful colours. :)

If i'm not in your art filter, i'd very much like to be.

2:34 am.. where's the picture heavy post? :)

I'm not planning to put a guard on it, but I am going to wrap the handle in black leather and sharpen the edge. My mom is going to show me how to do the typical ninja-sword-handle-chevrony thing - it turns out she learned how to wrap bandages like that at some point, so she knows. :)

i'd like to see the picture post.

Mm, sparkly.

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

We'd be glad to teach you, though making a blade probably requires a pretty big time commitment, more than I bet you have. :) You could come over and be making coathooks and spirally things in a single day, though.

I'm in to take a look. :)

BTW, I think I'm going to be open on Monday and I think gfish said he was going to fire up the forge that day?

In general, we fire it up every Monday and Friday the weather's nice, and often on weekends, too. Unless it's pouring Monday morning, we should be good to go then. Do you need directions? Bus or car?

I don't think I'm on your art filter, but I'd like to be.

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