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rather unseasonal

These pictures are from my most recent round of the Mystery Film Game. (Step 1: be broke. Step 2: shoot some film, but don' t have the money to develop it. 3: put the film in your fridge. 4: clean out your fridge several months later. Develop the film, and act surprised by what you get. Bonus points if your film has images of naked people, and you completely fail to remember taking them.)

The ever-resourceful lilsquishy snuck xmurf and I onto a boat full of geeks to watch the 7/4 Lake Union fireworks from Lake Union. This leads to a very nice view, as you might imagine.

This picture isn't as technically slick as the others, but it seems to me to hold some of Seattle's magic, wind and water and light in a thousand colors. A fairy-tale city.


The start of the show. The fireworks are launched from a monstrous old barge, surrounded by Coast Guard patrols. A boat on one side of us reeked of weed smoke and played that song that goes "I meant to do [x], but instead I got high" about thirty times straight. I was kind of wishing for a firehouse, but eventually we sailed to a better location.

Nice classic fireworks.

Look in the upper corner for a blue star-shaped firework. Those were new this year. Last year they introduced hearts, and the year before, smiley faces. I would love the job of sitting around trying to come up with new kinds of fireworks.

This is my favorite type of firework, the weeping willow-y [nonAmericans: weeping willow is a tree with downturned, drooping branches] sort. They drape in long sparkling trails, curtains of light. Intricately textured and slithery.


Reflections. You could see fire reaching up from below the water, as well.

Most aesthetically pleasing picture I got, I think. Symmetric.

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