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October 2008
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corvi [userpic]

Pumpkin-Carving/Eclipse-Watching/randomdreams-Poking Party: YAY!

I am going to recommend that pumpkins replace rorshach tests. We have randomdreams, who carved duplicates of some of picasso's work. corivax made a raven perched on a gravestone that says NEVERMORE, with a japanese maple branch in the background. lilsquishy made an intricate abstract faberge' pumpkin, and manintheboat made a perverse hannukah pumpkin. And of course vixyish made an impossibly cute fox. If any of these surprise you, you haven't been paying attention. :)

Honorable mention to gfish, who paced around with a pumpkin in his hands, musing out loud with xmurf about how to chuck it in a hypothetical pumpkin lathe.

Have I mentioned recently we'd make a good sitcom? :)

more photos.


Holy shit you guys are talented!

Very cool, I can't hold a candle to work like this.

Knowing that all of you are true geeks, were any of your works assisted by the pumpkin carving Dremel tool?

Daaaamn. Those are nice.

Suddenly my pumpkin-carving skills seem so inadequate...

Hey. I didn't get to poke Random at all.

Wow, those are BOO-tiful!

(runs and hides from the pun police)