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corvi [userpic]
A nifty meme swiped from shari

Comment and I'll pick one of your LJ interests and make you an icon. You have no say in what I make an icon of!

(You are, of course, under absolutely no obligation to use it.)

Edit: I'm posting large sizes or rough drafts of each picture to my art filter. So if you want to be on the art filter, or see the full-sized image your icon's from, lemme know.

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that sounds like a fun meme. i'll sign on :)

Oooh, you have an interest in japanese maples listed. I approve! I'm going to have to go steal some leaves to scan tommorrow. :)

Oohhh I'm curious! If you have time, I'd love one!

I wanted to do something musical for you, for your interest in ♪. I have a program that'll let you do mathematical visualizations for music - you put in equations that tell it how to react to things.

Of course, it's just a freeware program; it can react to things like 'volume' and 'on beat' or 'off beat', but nothing too complex. So doing anything with it is mostly just fooling around the with the same simple functions until you get what you like.

So I pulled up the mp3 you sent me of a piece you sang for an audition, and set some colors in that sort of glowy dawn-color aesthetic you have, deep pinks and reds and blues, and fooled around until this jumped out of the screen:

I don't know if it's a blue candle flame or a pair of wings, but either way, it's for you and your love of music. :)

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

Your pick:

The interest selected, of course, was "doom cookies".


This icon corrects a great imbalance in the universe. :)

Whee! I love this meme. :D

interest: ninjas

It's a deadly ninja, ingeniously disguised as a broken icon! My first animated icon ever. :) He's pretty sneaky; you have to watch him a while before he kills you.

Oooh, me please! :)

Er. Hm. Since you're all artist-tastic, I'd feel wierd making an icon for you.

A courageous meme.

You have a unique interest in "colorful fluid dynamics". So I was poking around, and found this page, which has neat visuals understandable even to an utter layman. So I attempted to simulate something similar with a sin wave run over a noisy image. Then I colored a whole bunch of extra rainbow colors blue in photoshop. So, it's supposed to be two drops of red fluid mixing into a blue fluid. I probably didn't suceed, but it was fun to make. :)

This should be interesting :)

Oooh! Spiffy! Icons! Whee!

You have a bazillion cool interests. I may have to come back and make you another one. I just finished Disturbing The Universe, Freeman Dyson's sort-pf autobiography last week, and I would love to make an icon for 'the greening of the galaxy,' which he talks about in some of his predictive chapters, if I can figure out how. Wonderful phrase.

Here's one for holly:

Are you the guy with the holly tattoo? Someone, ages ago, was telling me about a holly tattoo...

Cool, I could use an icon. Thanks!

I'm afraid these may not be terribly useful, but they were fun to make. Fish gave me one of your mp3s, Boundless, and I've been rather struck by the quality of your voice. Light but sort of... vast. Maybe it's just that song, but... whoa.

So I managed to produce these playing around with Audio Visual Studio, a program that lets you take various rendered shapes and specify equations that dictate how they respond to music. These are from oscillopy-things rendered as closed particle loops, and then with a bunch of distortions/reflections/miscellaneous transformations applied. There's more art in the process than science, really, but a good grasp of how parametric coordinates work is vital. :) As well as I could, I set the studio to ignore the accompaniment and just render your voice. Not perfectly.

I'm very happy with the results, because they look like the way I think of your voice.

Your first entrance.

"seventy" from "one hundred and seventy four".

The sustained note at the very end. I did not exclude the female voices; they're rendered too.

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

Interest: energy work

Inspired directly by this post. Just because I'm skeptical about such things doesn't mean you don't write them in captivating ways. :)

Your userinfo seems to reference strange attractors. I don't know how much you know/care about chaos theory, but you may be interested to hear that the sparkly energy bit above is a Pickover system. :) (Full size).

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I could go for another icon :)

Coolness! I am in!

Bandwagon, *hop*!

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