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October 2008
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corvi [userpic]

I'm going to let Charles Deehr at the university of Fairbanks describe this one, 'cause he's smarter than I am:

The interplanetary magnetic field is directed southward, leading to moderate geomagnetic disturbances. The midnight aurora associated with this activity is now well southward over Russia. Late night aurora was not visible in Alaska due to forest fire smoke. If the interplanetary field remains at the present level, there will be aurora visible tonight (Aug 30) in northern Europe. Indeed, southern Scandinavia should be seeing aurora now (2030 UT).

We apologize for the lateness of this warning, but there was no solar event leading to this activity. There was a small solar event today, the effects of which will not reach earth before Sept 2nd. If the interplanetary magnetic field remains southward at the present levels, there will be aurora over the northern half of the USA tonight (Aug 30).

Anyone local want to go aurora-chasing tonight?


Hmm. I was kind of thinking of going moon watching... which is not entirely incompatible. (At least, there will be a full moon tonight whether or not you are specifically looking for it...)


I just added you to my friends list, because a) I happen to like corvids, and b) you're friends with three very, very different and unrelated people on my friends list, and I find that intriguing. :)

Russian aurora, товарищa! да, конечно! What the heck, I'll come and sing some Russian to it!

I feel like I'm not getting enough sleep even when I do get enough sleep, so why bother sleeping? ;)

(Yes, I know it's not actually a Russian aurora. The thought just amuses me of this aurora traveling to us from there. Do aurorae have passports?)

No way! "the northern half of the USA"?? (emphasis mine) '


Might be tempting, but I already had very little sleep last night.

Hey Corvi, this song reminds me of you. Sorry if it's a bit 80s.