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October 2008
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corvi [userpic]

Go out and watch the meteors tonight. It's good for your soul!

corivax, who is about to bop down to the airport, hop in a plane, and watch them from there.


Lucky you! What kind of plane?

On my flight back from DTW, we had a full moon over the wing the whole time... and we flew over a thunderstorm. It was breathtakingly beautiful - I don't think I've ever really been awed that way before. It was like, "Wow... amazing..." and I just wish we'd been around it longer.

When I thanked the pilot for the ride and lightshow, he said something about "we usually try to avoid those." I know, I know... but it was so beautiful.

I was up until perhaps 3:30 watching for them (since midnight). A marine layer had blown in so I only saw maybe 7. But they were all really bright and long.

I bet it would have been even better without the layer to see the trails and the more faint ones.

I don't understand how "local time" can apply to the shower considering they peak at a specific hour.

vulture23 and I went out near Carnation to see the show. It was fabulous. We estimated at least 60 meteors an hour, but we didn't do an actual count. The bright ones were visible even while driving. The stars were great too, not only could we see the Milky Way but we could even make out the Andromeda Galaxy. (And no farmers threatened us with a shotgun for being a couple of freaks outside their place at 1am, though we did hear some cranky cows.)

I should put up an actual post about it later today.