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Previously locked to friends only. As of June 28 and vixyish's amazing drawing, public.

Today I write of death, and I'm not going to be the least bit maudlin! Amazing, huh?

I mentioned my own image of death in a recent entry, and a couple of people expressed interest, including vixyish, who might draw it. (OooooOooo. That would be SO COOL.) So. I think entirely in pictures - there are no words or abstract concepts in the part of my mind that does the real work. So I needed an image for Death, if I want to think about it at all. And somehow the grim reaper thing didn't work for me. This is my image:

She looks human, female, but not terribly so, flat-chested, slender, unearthly graceful. Six wings, feathered, subtly patterned in black and gray, shifting colors like raven wings, faintly irredescent blue or green or yellow. And when She comes for you, with two wings She reaches for you, and with two wings She shapes an arch for you to walk beneath, and at last She folds two around you, and clasps you to Herself with love. (When She's not carrying off somebody, She's likely to keep the last pair folded against Her back, though. They're completely black)

Inky black skin - no shadows are cast upon it, though there are highlights. Long spill of white hair, very slightly wavy, almost to Her knees. Delicate hands with too many fingers, no fingernails. Her eyes have neither pupil nor iris, just white. Barefoot.

Sometimes in nice jeans and a plain tshirt, sometimes with a duster - clothing seems to vary a bit, but tends to be practical and black, though not nearly so dark as Her skin. When Her arms show, if you look at them for too long, you can see stars through them, or sometimes patterns of stars arranged like silver tattoos, spiraled, or sometimes just the silvery spirals. Hard to describe. Once in a while, She'll wear a piece of plain silver jewelry, a hair clip to keep it out of Her eyes, or a silver belt buckle, or a length of chain about Her neck.

Hm... I'm sure *I* couldn't draw that. At least there's lots of options for clothing and stuff. I'd never realized quite so many things about Her shifted with exactly whose death I was contemplating. But... I don't know. She looks a little different for different people. Which is why it would be so cool to find out what picture is in vixy's head.

(And no pressure you have to draw or anything, vix, it would just be really neat).

And, take-home question: does anyone besides me have a specific concrete metaphor-type image for death? You know, grim reaper, whatever works for you. I'm very curious.

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