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October 2008
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corvi [userpic]

Another crepe-paper fog night, the universe hanging in thin translucent gray layers, each more faded and less real than the one in front, inkshadow of a cedar tree, a stone wall, the scent of the sea. I love the way the wind billows the watercolor world. And it's quiet enough to hear the waves.

I really should turn in so I can drag myself onto the bus tommorrow. Blah. Ah, what I wouldn't give for a promise to keep, or a few miles to go before I sleep.

Argh. I was about to hit post when the firetruck pulled up. Now it's all orange and flickery and smoky here. Doesn't look like there's anything I can do to help, though. Serves me right for trite Robert Frost allusions.

Current Mood: amusedamused

I love the way you write. Yours is still the one journal I recommend for anyone to read, whether they know you or not. Every post is interesting, beautiful, or both.

We should get together sometime soon. What's your schedule look like these days?

My car is dead, so I can't get together with anyone. Alas, and woe is me, and all that. :) Thank you for the sentiment, though.

My car isn't dead, and I'm not afraid of the wild beasts that roam the jungles of Tacoma.

But the smell alone sends the most hardened warrior to an early grave!

My schedule hasn't changed - I work lots and lots Mon-Thurs, and have trhee day weekends.