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Nosy meme, death from above version

Got this, er, sort of, from damiana_swan.

1. Who are you? What ninja clan are you from?
2. Are our clans at war?
3. When and how did you realize I was a ninja, master of disguise?
4. Would you crush me with sneaky ninja booby trap?
5. Would you attack me with top secret Midnight Giraffe Kissing Inebriated Koala technique?
6. When you carve my nickname onto a shuriken to kill me with, what color is the shuriken?
7. What one word should be my kiai battle cry?
8. What was first top secret ninja technique you attacked me with?
9. What top secret ninja technique do you use to attack me today?
10. What scar earned in honorable but top secret battle reminds you of me?
11. If you could kill me in honorable battle with any weapon, what weapon would you use?
12. How well do you trust my ninja honor? Wanna swear secret ninja truce and go attack some pirates?
13. Ever want to teach me your clan's top secret anti-pirate techniques but couldn't?
14. Are you going to write these kanji on a scroll, tie the scroll to an arrow, and shoot the arrow at some pirates?
15. Death to pirates! Shuriken obviously much cooler than peg legs.

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