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October 2008
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corvi [userpic]
Nosy meme, death from above version

Got this, er, sort of, from damiana_swan.

1. Who are you? What ninja clan are you from?
2. Are our clans at war?
3. When and how did you realize I was a ninja, master of disguise?
4. Would you crush me with sneaky ninja booby trap?
5. Would you attack me with top secret Midnight Giraffe Kissing Inebriated Koala technique?
6. When you carve my nickname onto a shuriken to kill me with, what color is the shuriken?
7. What one word should be my kiai battle cry?
8. What was first top secret ninja technique you attacked me with?
9. What top secret ninja technique do you use to attack me today?
10. What scar earned in honorable but top secret battle reminds you of me?
11. If you could kill me in honorable battle with any weapon, what weapon would you use?
12. How well do you trust my ninja honor? Wanna swear secret ninja truce and go attack some pirates?
13. Ever want to teach me your clan's top secret anti-pirate techniques but couldn't?
14. Are you going to write these kanji on a scroll, tie the scroll to an arrow, and shoot the arrow at some pirates?
15. Death to pirates! Shuriken obviously much cooler than peg legs.

Current Mood: amusedamused

1. I am Bastian. I have no clan.
2. Obviously not.
3. Just now. Damn you're sneaky.
4. [insert juvenile 'booby' joke here]
5. I have my own secret techniques, thank you very much.
6. Institution pink!
7. Quark!
8. Drunken coolness.
9. I can't tell you that until you've already figure out how to counter it, duh.
10. Scars of the ego.
11. Garrote, definitely.
12. A lot, and sure.
13. I taught you everything I know!
14. Nope.
15. Ah, but the cannon is mightier than the caltrop.

*giggle fit* I don't know which made me giggle more - the questions, or your answers!! *giggle fit* You are both HILLARIOUS!

Well, we try. :)

1. Dread Pirate Ashley of the ROU corvette Incorrigible Flirtation
2. Yes.
3. The all-black was a big giveaway...
4. I'd rather run you through with my xxx xxx xxxxcutlass. Arrr
5. Yes. Only we call it the "Plundering Your Treasure-Chest While You Blow My Hornpipe" technique. Arrrrrrrrr
6. Feh, throwing weapons are for landlubbers
7. "Arrr!"
8. Four-pounder broadside
9. Tar grenade
10. A hernia from laughing so hard after you threw a shuriken at me on deck in choppy conditions.
11. The plank and Davy Jones' Locker
12. Not at all, and no.
13. No.
14. No.
15. But pirates get more booty. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

1) I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you, we're that secret.
2) See above answer.
3) I was trained from a very early age by a master salamander, red, and he taught me to recognize other ninja.
4) Yes, but they are made of pillows.
5) No, I don't know that one. How about the ultra secret Late Morning Panda strokes the Self-satisfied Ginger Cat technique.
6) Purple, so it blends in.
7) celo corvus proelium quiritatio
8) If you don't remember I'm not telling you now.
9) The feared distance ninja phantom tickle.
10) The invisable one.
11) Chop Sticks.
12) Sure, I love attacking pirates.
13) Yes, but see answer to question one.
14) Perhaps, but only if I get to light the scroll on fire first... ah, flaming privates.
15) Yes, but they often get storuck in peg legs. It must be a planned defensive technique. Quick, we must devleope termite infested Shuriken.

1. No one of consequence. Clan? I'm not scottish.
2. Still not scottish.
3. I read your blogs.
4. Nah, crushing is messy.
5. Dude, that's for white belts.
6. Glowing Brittany Spears Orange. Ever tried to retrieve a dark colored shuriken during midnight target practice?
7. Save it for the tournament, samurai boy. Ninjas don't kiai.
8. Heh. Heh. Heh.
9. Nooninooninoo.
10. The bird-shaped ding on my katana's saiya.
11. Inaccurate directions to the dueling field, such that you wind up in a group training session for Abercrombie and Fitch employees.
12. Absolutely.
13. Yes, but nerdvanna parties are always so crowded.
14. And risk that one of them is a Sailor Moon fanboi with a kanji dictionary? As if!
15. Was there ever a question?