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I post because I CAN

I am 3 of 6 of Midgard Collective Subunit 01. We are geek, hear us roar! Or at least beep a lot and flash our blinkylights.
We have an FM transmitter so we can play mp3s over the radio (currently Dutch techno with bagpipes, previously muppets) and a cute little DHCP network, complete with UPSes on all the power strips and a functional internet connection. Laptop:human ratio is 1:1 - and two of us don't own laptops. We're going to the Mojave desert to watch the spaceship launch and rediscover our long-lost spaceflight innocence, in some sort of crazy geek Woodstock.

Not bad, for a rental van. We've only had it a couple of hours, so far, and it's already developing chthonic cable tangles despite zip ties.

Wow. I've been saying that to myself a lot, like a kid at Christmas. Wow. Wow. Wow. SpaceShipOne. Wow. We're heading for the first civilian spaceport, officially designated. Wow. When you look up private flight restrictions, they're limited due to spaceflight activities.

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