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October 2008
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corvi [userpic]
...would you hold it against me?

I got this meme from dakegra, who has a very entertaining game going over on his journal.

post anonymously, giving me three clues as to who you are. Then let me try to guess

Now, most of the lot of you have far too much fun being cryptic, so I don't actually expect to guess anyone. But maybe I'll get lucky. :)

Secondly, tonight and tommorrow is good aurora watching if you're Northish. Solar wind stream + field reversal = geomagnetic storm. Whee!

update: I've started putting in my guesses. If I get you wrong, say so and give me another clue (or out yourself if you're bored of my blundering about). I'm learning all kinds of interesting things.

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1) When filling out scholarship forms in high school, I tended to list 'clergy' under possible occupations.
2) I took ballet lessons for 9 years.
3) I own two toy dogs made from goatskin.

Hm. My first guess would be moominmuppet, but she has a million jillion friends and I don't believe she actually ever reads me.

Er, wild guess time. How about jessypie? It sort of fits my vague half-formed impression of her the ten or so years ago when we lived in the same state.

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1) I have in my house a copy of one of the earlier printings of Deities & Demigods.
2) 2nd generation all-around geek.
3) My computer sucked when I first got it 5 years ago. Only the HD has improved.

velvetknife thinks I wrote this one myself to throw everyone off the scent. He's wrong, but I very well could have. :)

I think you're runnerwolf. I have noted in the past that runnerwolf tends to use an abbreviation for nearly everything possible (I've been confused by them, before, like GM for grandmother), and I know she's into gaming and has a geeky mother.

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1. born on an Air Force base
2. a radio show once wrongly said that the guy who shot John Lennon was my former college roommate
3. won "What's My Line?", a cartoon caption contest in a local newspaper, at age 8.

Hm. John Lennon was killed before I was born, so you're older than I am (or just being evil and tricksy, which is entirely possible). secanth? gurdonark?


1) The most accurate artistic representation of me was painted by Freud's grandson. I have a print of it on my wall.
2) I once played the Virgin Mary in my school's Christmas pageant.
3) Despite being left-handed, I learned how to do western-style calligraphy without smearing the ink.

This is my absolute favorite set of clues so far. Solvable, but requires detective work. I've been haring all over google for Lucian Freud images. Very cool.

I think you're eeyorerin. I seem to recall she attended catholic school, I found two lovely paintings that look like her (and I've never been to her place), and I could easily see her getting into calligraphy - the weight of words.


1.) I play music.

2.) I am a geek, but not a computer geek.

3.) I used to do English riding, dressage and jumping and compete in shows while in high school.

Okay, here are the instrumentalists on my friends list, to the best of my limited knowledge:

Of these, gfish, tylik, lyonesse, cow, and mrlogic are describable as computer geeks.

Are you tidesong?

Failing that, are you eisa? (not my first choice because her grammar is usually very good, and there's a mistake in the above post. :) )

If not, may I have another clue?

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A definite fondness for corvids.
Almost too New Age-y for you.

I know this one! Woo! You're k_crow!


Most people don't realize that I never graduated college.
I have a hereditary birthmark.
My name has been in the newspaper approximately fifty times.


No guesses yet? Tsk, tsk.

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I once went almost ten years without owning a single pair of jeans.

I sometimes dream about taking a vow of silence.

I still treasure the green plastic recorder I was given when I was six.

I love the jeans clue. Unique, but almost entirely unhelpful. A uniforms-required-catholic school? Living in some country way outside Western fashion trends? An uber-feminine woman? An unusually preppy fashion sense? Did your pants license get revoked after a terrible accident involving mixing stripes and plaids? Intriguing.

I would like more clues if you are not maribou, which is a shot in the dark.

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Casting shadows on the winter sky


I gotta get me a helicopter
And you can get a jet plane
We'll take out their surveillance tower
We can make up code names

And when you get home at the end of your day
I'll pack your parachute and put away
Your utility belt and gas grenades
You were never meant to see
I showed you my secret identity
I suppose I could always hypnotize you
If I wanted to
But I propose another thing
You can wear my decoder ring
We'll have matching hovercraft,
Go undercover

After all we might just fall like stars from the sky
You know too but I know you, you won't be happy til you try


I've kind of had a crush on you for two years.

Oh, man, you are going to get me into so much trouble. If I guess wrong, I'm accusing someone of kind of having a crush on me. They'll put a meat hat on my head and feed me to the sharks!

Two years ago, I'd just created my livejournal. I was read only by people I already knew from Midgard and the fireweeds of livejournal: jadine and lumiere. I already know jadine has the good taste to dig Counting Crows, and a google search on the second set of lyrics turns up a band on her interests list, so I'm going to have to guess jadine.

Please don't hurt me if I'm wrong. :)


I have in my house a copy of the earliest printing of Deities & Demigods.

Most people don't realize that I've never graduated college.

I have ADD/ADHD.

(the IP address should provide a definite clue)


Another clue. I enjoy having a skeptic in our "discussions".

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I do not own a copy of Dieties and Demigods. This apparently makes me unique around here, so you don't need any other clues to identify me.


There are so many clues that would be just way too obvious.

1) I saw the northern lights when I was 17

2) I finished writing the first draft of my first novel when I was 15

3) I am odder than most people expect

edit: That last one is a throw away. Most people are odder than most other people expect.

3 again) I can wink both eyes independantly.

"...[S]o many clues that would be just way too obvious" implies I know you somewhat.

Hm. Not really very sure about this one. Are you hpapillon, which would make the novel the infamous Plot? (Which I wasn't aware you'd finished - I never got that far in it).


In honor of the upcoming disaster that will be the 2004 Athens Summer Olympics, I present...


  1. I wanted to do track, particularly hurdles and the longjump, after watching the 1984 Summer Olympics.

  2. During the 1988 winter games I was taught to play the Olympics theme on the trombone.

  3. I have been forced to watch the footage of Greg Louganis hitting his head on the diving board in the 1988 Summer Olympics far too many times to count.

Bwahaha. Good lord, you're a freak. And I mean that in the best possible way. I'll need to research these a bit.


1. I have seen Seattle from the top of a tall roof far up First Hill.

2. I've been called a manipulative slave more than once in my life.

3. I once found myself in a small town in Oregon with no ride home and no place to stay.

cow? If so, I wanna hear the Oregon story!


One wonders how long you'll be going at this if only half of the people you knew (on LJ) tried this.. ;)

1) I play mahjong with whimsy twice a week.
2) I play the piano, although I'm not sure you necessarily know this.
3) I'm at my busiest whilst you sleep

and just in case you didn't know about (2),

4) I see myself as a mirror.

Aha! pandora233! I was just looking through my friends list for sekrit hiding musicians for the mysterious instrumentalist above, and noticed that you played piano.

Besides, how could I be stalking you if I didn't know a silly thing like that? :)

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