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October 2008
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corvi [userpic]
Gratuitous icon post!

This is my new icon. It does not depict a perpetual motion machine built in secret in cold-war-era Russia. The perpetual motion machine is not built entirely out of cheetos, rubber bands, the believability of romance novels, and feeling of inadequacy caused by owning too few brands of vanilla extract.

I know, of course, that most of us have only icons that depict recognizable parts of our physical form in good lighting with no photoshop filters involved. So I'm never curious about what the deviantly creative people on my friends list pick to represent themselves, and why. :)

But I do wonder: what do your icons not show?


My icon is not one of the Nazca Lines of Peru as seen from orbit in the near-IR spectrum.

Mine is. Vastly more impressive than the "face on Mars", don't you think?

It looks like a raven rather than a pie.

My icons are mostly flowers drawn with MS Paint. They merely show that I am not that good at drawing. They fail to show almost everything else.

Not awake enough to answer the question, but that is the rook from Gormenghast, isn't it? Because I just watched that whole thing a few weeks ago, and I thought, "Boy, corivax should appreciate Mervyn Peake if anyone would." Particularly because of Mr. Chalk.

My single icon does not depict the 703rd generation of the R Pentomino. It also does not represent passionflowers, mating pandas, a Photoshop manipulation involving the officeholder of the 43d Presidency, a rhamphorhynchus, an ace-high poker hand, a WW II-era Purple Heart, an ace bandage wrapped around someone's forearm, the Crack of Doom, a cholecystenerostomy, a wireless mouse, a stack of 400 paper plates, a gin and tonic, or an exaltation of larks.

R Pentomino! You win!

My icons are an empty set right now, so they are neither bigger nor smaller than a breadbox, and they are also not a breadbox. I should change that. Thank you, by the way, for the beautiful postcard.