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The twisted lands

(Day 2)
Conspiracy nuts take note: there are parts of Canada that would work very well for fake footage of a landing on another planet. We wouldn't have to reuse that dusty old Arizona desert. These are the twisted lands, and they are strange and awe-inspiring.

Basalt columns jutting from a hillside, a cluster of hexagonal columns as thick around as I am and many times as tall, formed when lava crystallized. Like huge stone snowflakes in glossy red-brown.

Lakes frozen and cracked and frozen again, glossy and slick, but with the twisted networks of old cracks outlined beneath in odd writhing helices.

Heavy slate in reds and greys, buckled and folded like cloth. Ice stalactites from overhangs, like frozen waterfalls, or molten wax from a candle. Cliffs the color of old parchment, crumpled like a manuscript.

Rough-hewn shapes, precariously balanced and alien, like stone behives, like tombs. Surround by the bones of the landslides that carved them, gravel and shattered slate.

I keep looking, but I haven't seen spiritrover or opportunitygirl yet.

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