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October 2008
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corvi [userpic]

This entry is just to keep me honest:
At 8AM, I will reinstall windows, whether I have managed working backups or not. Three different Linuxes, a Mac, (and various miscellanoues BSDs on servers), no trouble whatsoever. Windows, operating system of the masses, and I've been trying on and off to upgrade for more than two weeks.

If you never hear from me again, it's because I shot myself in the foot, repeatedly. And the gallbladder. And probably the Islets of Langley. And the amygdala.

update: Wow, that went flawlessly. And accomplished absolutely nothing. How... something.

Current Mood: determined

not that win 9x isnt a steaming pile of crap, but ive seen an awful lot of problems that are blamed on windows that are actually caused by hardware problems. the biggest culprit is generic cheap memory. for example, a lot of cheap memory they claim is pc100 really cant handle the speed, and will cause system slowdowns and BSODs. another problem is not enough memory. for 98, if youre trying to do any kind of serious apps with under 128 megs, forget it. and it should really have the full 512 megs 9x can deal with. and quite honestly, i went to win xp pro awhile back both at work and at home, and its been surprisingly stable. i have yet to have xp itself crash. ymmv of course.

Thanks for the advice. Hopefully, the trouble is actually Windows...
Today's endeavour (T minus ten minutes) is actually to upgrade from 98 to 2K. I'm just hoping to do it in such a way as to preserve software accumulated over four years, a lot of which I no longer have install media for, or never did.

if possible, i'd skip over 2k and go to xp pro. 2k is still better than 9x though.

XP is evil, evil.
They've "simplified" many things but also have the server talk back regularly to MSFT.
Also, some of the patched sets are enforced DRM and the EULA gives them the right to delete anything they find that they think doesn't agree with their DRM.

Beware of that. I installed 2K briefly when we lived at Midway, only to discover that an awful lot-- actually the majority-- of software that I regularly use, simply will not run on 2K. Just isn't made for it. So I went back to 98.

thats because 2k is a lot closer to nt, most likely. i still havent found anything that i used to run under 98 that doesnt run under xp. maybe some older games, but i havent tried those.

i think you might want to consider that there might be other issues beside windows. i dont know what kind of hardware config youre running, but id venture a guess that its having problems of some kind.