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October 2008
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corvi [userpic]
blame mittelweg

I keep seeing this, and it's neat, but I wasn't sure I had ten, until mittelweg actually asked me about it. So here's my attempt at Ten Things I've Done You May Not've:

1. Dance barefoot in the arctic circle.
2. Climb to the top of Zugspitze, the tallest mountain in the German Alps. Not barefoot! (joxn)
Gotten coral rash. (This requires scuba diving AND being enough of a klutz to blunder into some coral and get the allergic reaction.)(tylik)
Forged a knife.
3. Sleep a couple weeks in a shed in which machine guns were kept, so that my vision tuned in each morning to their silhouettes. Still took me days to realize what I was looking at.
3.5 Been "covered" by six men in black body armor and machine guns.
4. Set all the songs in The Hobbit to music. (lyonesse)
Spend a night sleeping under a bridge in Seattle and a night sleeping on a sidewalk in Berlin.
5. Go three weeks without food.
6. Help build a school in Nicaragua.
7. Speak to Desmond Tutu. Thrice, over about ten years. (He had a secretary the first time, who had a yellow legal pad. The secretary filled up each page all the way, two lines of writing per ruled line, then turned it ninety degrees, and wrote over all the page a second time at a right angle. Then turned the page over and wrote over the back twice too. I found this incredibly fascinating, and for months afterwards, was aware and ashamed of how large and wasteful my handwriting was. Was paper so rare? Did we rich Americans offer him some and he refused it? Later occaisions did not involve any secretaries.)
8. Set a priest in his robes on fire!
9. Accidently walk into a classroom with a live crow sitting on my shoulder. He spent the rest of the exam period atop the blackboard making a lot of noise, before following me and the other students out when we left.
10. Help a horse give birth.

And as antidote, ten things I haven't done you might have. I like this one, too - it's less 'why I'm cooler than you' and more 'why you're cooler than me'. Plus, it's a lot harder. I expect I'll have to replace some of these as people comment and say, "I've never done that either!"

1. Eat sushi I did not make myself.
2. Play poker. (catamorphism)
Use a microwave without help?
3. Actually use my legal first name anywhere other than official documents. (catamorphism)
Been told I look like any other member of my family?
4. Pass a geometry class or geometry unit in school.
5. See The Sound of Music or Wayne's World.
6. Ski.(wintersweet), crimmycat
Learn to tell left from right?
7. Drink when I was underage. wintersweet
Smoke anything on purpose (I've had secondhand weed exposure)?
Eaten an omelette?
8. Swing on monkey-bars.(cow)
Needed eyeglasses for anything?
9. Consider myself an atheist.(robogock, hpapillon, gement, vixyish)
Owned a TV, nor lived with my biological family when they owned a TV? (They do have one now, though.)
10. Eat a fast-food hamburger. (catamorphism)
Graduate high school? (wintersweet)
Own an umbrella? (cow, gfish)
Worn gold jewelry for more than an hour straight?


I've never done 2, 3, or 10, and I've never eaten non-vegetarian sushi.

Heh. I thought some of those were pretty good. Ah well.

Bah humbug!

I did change the sushi one because catamorphism's comment reminded me that I have had sushi - inari and bamboo sushi I made myself (with su-rice, mmm). I haven't had restaurant sushi to compare it to, though. Maybe I should change it to say that.

You should post this one, at least the first half. You know all kinds of cool stuff.

I can't believe you put down the highschool one. I mean, yeah, I'm sure you know a lot of people who did graduate from highschool, but you also know a number who did not...

Now I feel silly for living in Alaska and never getting up past the artic circle. It is still a thousand mile drive from here, but still...meh.

arctic. I will use a spell-checker eventually, and stop making silly typos.

I won't ever get around to skiing. Mushing, someday, but not skiing.

Ooooh! I very much want to try mushing. Please make sure to post about it when you do it!

secret subliminal message: you want to invite corvi to come up and stay with you... :)

We're in the middle of Fur Rondy right now - basically a two-week-long party with the (mushing) world championships, the iron dog races, sno cross, ice bowling, fur auctions, and stuff that culminates in the start of the Iditarod. Unfortunately, the rides being offered are on the weekends, right when I'm working.

I caught the secret subliminal message - tell you what, I expect to be in Anchorage for another one to five years. If I have an apartment with crash space (and that can be expected starting June), and sufficient advanced warning, whether I'm busy working or not, you can come up for the Rondy and get dogsled rides in with the rest of the spectacle.

The rest of the winter, if they're not out running the Yukon Quest or any of the other races leading up to the Iditarod, you can drive out to the valley and buy much longer rides from some of the mushers, but you won't get to see what cabin-fever crazy people do when there's a lack of holidays to celebrate so they've made up their own.

I'm very hospitable to near-total strangers who are nifty, as I've been on the other end more than once in my wandering.

i set the songs in "the hobbit" (and "the lord of the rings") to music. it's partly reflexive with me; i do that with a lot of poetry, and certainly to anything so richly presented as "song" :)

Darn. Also very cool, though. Nice to have these oddities in common with someone.

I still haven't heard any of your music. Would like to correct that someday. :)

i keep putting off answering this b/c we are in hell with the people who did our last recording session :/

that said, i could gladly send you a (possibly antiquated) mp3 or something, if you give me an email address. if you aren't comfortable posting one here, you can reach me via email at lyonesse@lj.

Oooo! Cool! I would really dig that.

corvi at rigel dot midgard dot org.

okeydoke, a song is winging its way to your mailbox :)

I've climbed to the top of the Zugspitze. (I might have been carried part of the way, though.)

I haven't drunk while underage, or smoked anything on purpose, or even had second-hand weed exposure (at least, not enough to do anything but make me cough and leave -- I have smelt many kinds of smoke).

Zugspitze isn't really much of a mountain. :) I was mostly relying on the fact that I knew few people who've been to Germany, and few people into climbing mountains, and assuming the overlap was nonexistant.

Ah well, time to try and think of more.

I have never considered myself an atheist, either.

I have also never seen Wayne's World, but I have seen The Sound of Music (many times), so I haven't completely invalidated that point.

What are you considering yourself now, then? I thought you were immensely dissatisfied with churchstuffs?

I was immensely dissatisfied with my parents' church, for various reasons, several of which involved my dislike of the pastor there.

There's an episcopal church out here that I go to when I'm in the mood, though admittedly I haven't gone at least since November (when I broke my ankle). Oops.

Currently, I consider myself Christian with some agnostic leanings. Essentially, I do believe there is a God, but I'm not entirely certain about all the details.

I've gotten coral rash, but I don't know if it was the same as your coral rash. Mine involved snorkeling in Hawaii, and having a general tendency towards skin allergies. (And mine wasn't that bad. My dad, who wasn't allergic, got pretty badly cut up. There was this section of the reef you could get over and into the next cool area, but only if you timed it just right...)

Letmesee... I've been covered by at least six men in armour, but it wasn't uniformly black, nor were they carrying machine guns. (I've had a number of uzis pointed towards me -- mostly one at a time -- but...)

I did subsist for three weeks on jello water and saltines, but again...

Thankfully, the 'being covered' one is 3.5, and not its own datapoint. So I don't have to figure out if you "count". :)

Never considered myself an atheist.

They've all been crossed out already...but I've never done 6, 7, or 7' either (unless being offered a taste of wine by one's parents at Passover counts as "drinking when I was underage").

I've never considered myself an athiest. For a while, I didn't know what I believed, but I still believed in -something-; I just had to explore what.

I've also never played on monkey bars. :D

-difficult bovine

Oh, and also, I've never smoked anything, and I've never owned an umbrella. The latter is what warm hooded things are for.

Never worn gold jewelry, either. Silver is where it's at.

Christ, even with 7 strikeouts I've done all but one, I'm pretty sure -- I never actually saw a high school diploma or attended graduation or anything. But, anyway, umbrellas are for savages who haven't invented hats yet.

I was good! I restricted it to one pop-culture question. I bet I could come up with TEN pop-culture items. Though pandora233 might miss some too, hm.

I've never considered myself an atheist, either.

Ah, I see I share that with a lot of people. :)

I've spoken to Desmond Tutu. I've even been an altar boy (we call them "servers") for Desmond Tutu. Ooh, I suspect that could probably go on _my_ 10 things list.
And I've never needed glasses for anything, I still have 20/16 vision.

I've never eaten an omelet or worn gold jewelry.