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corvi [userpic]
An experiment I'll probably regret

If you feel like it, post a comment to this post and complain about something. Anonymous commenting is on, should you like it. I do not look at IPs, and wouldn't know most of yours anyway.

I'm very curious about the results of this, should I get any comments at all. :)

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Grr.. did you know that ants can survive for fourteen days under water?

Okay, that's like the weakest rant I possibly have.. but my lj has been filled with ranting the entire past week.. I'm copacetic. I even corrected two problem pieces of code successfully tonight.


I want to complain about this post, which is a dumb idea. Thank you, that will be all.

hi corivax :) self-deprecation gets you cookies!


apparently a lot of my deeply ingrained ideas of courtesy strike other people as snobbish or aloof

and i'm lonely

and i don't like how i look, either

Do I know you?

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I really hate hearing people complaining to me about how often [and how tediously] I complain to them.

As Foamy might say: F'ing bastards.

Re: complaints

I'd like to complain about how you haven't posted enough pictures lately. I want to sit in awe of your photography skill more.

Another complaint is how LJ polls don't notify when you get more entries...


I don't like the fact that my IP address is being logged. Phhbbtt!!

Also, I haven't gotten enough pettings recently.


Yes, can't you turn that off?

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Hello, I wish to register a complaint.


Hello? Miss?

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You're not doing your dramawhoring fast enough. It's been ... how many months? Many, many.

I'm two short of halfway done! I'll even go work on one now.

Out of idle curiousity, are you someone I've done yet?


I read "I have dog fur on my pants" as "I'm a werewolf too cheap to afford dry cleaning."

I would like to complain that the universe is always less interesting than what goes on inside my head. Seems illogical; I can only imagine things I have some experience of, right? So why is the real world so boring?

as if i haven't complained enough lately..

i'm tired of being in this godforsaken little town with no one i know and nothing to do and hot weather and ticks in the trees so i can't even go on a decent hike without fear of lyme disease or some other wild insect attacking me.. or poison oak, for that matter!
and i wish more of my friends would call me and just want to rant long and hard to me about nothing in particular because i'm desperate to listen to someone talking.. im so bored.
and i miss my cat.. someone should bring her to me so i could cuddle!
i'm tired of being a perpetual housesitter!

I hate the fact that my moods are illogical. I hate it when something should make me very happy, yet I'm feeling kind of depressed and I manage to find some small fault with everything as an excuse for being depressed.

Other things I would like to register a complaint about:
- Stupid users
- Lack of thunderstorms
- Being underpaid
- My partner being underpaid
- Cigarette smoke
- Hot days
- Haze and clouds that obscure night sky viewing
- Continued inability to teleport
- Insufficient Corviness in my life

I would like to grouch about:

  • My utter lack of alcohol tolerance
  • The fact that I flip out (quietly!) whenever I find out people have been talking about me when I'm not around (and this is not mean shit, this is the latest corvi-news, or amusing things I've done or whatever). And I can't really do a damn thing about it except hope that hyperactive gnome who lives in my head just dies someday, because what kind of utter psycho refuses to let people talk about him?
  • The fact that I want to start a sekrit journal to whine about a specific thing, but I'm too damn proud of my 'all my filters are opt-in' status and my generally cheerful lj persona
  • I am currently particularly frustrated with the fact that I always get cool creative ideas for writing projects or webcomics or whatever, and ruin them utterly in execution.
  • Also, it's too damn hot. When does fall get here?
  • Also, why the hell can't I manage to find enough people with enough time to game? The next person who points out that I'm one of the people always off in Alaska or Rochester or watching a spaceflight or somesuch gets set on fire.

Mmmm, catharsis.


I'm lonely. Why won't anyone come and play with me?

I'll play!

Goddamnit, why won't Chris leave me the hell alone? I'm trying to be as nice as I can in telling him to go away, and that's probably why he won't. But I'm really starting to get frustrated. He wants to try to work things out, but dammit, how are we going to do that with 1000 miles between us?? I'm sure as hell not moving back to Denver. He's not going to move here. So. Where does that leave us? ARGH.



I'm poor, disorganized, and agonizing between working a job I desperately hate that pays poorly, and more happy-making jobs that pay even worse.

I'm legally underage, and have been treated like an adult (or at least significantly older than people my age) most of my life, making the whole concept of underageness bewildering and stupid and insulting.

Everyone around me glares at me when I say it, but I am dreadfully out of shape.

I am sorely displeased with diverse aspects of my relationship life, compounded by the said disorganization, and some difficulty with articulating what I'd like to improve.

Not much point making this comment anonymous, was there? :)

Neat experiment, though.


I hate the fact that people don't believe me when I'm telling the truth. Particularly when they say they do, and then just go on thinking what they thought before and ignore what I said.

I hate the fact that I'm very, very frequently misunderstood, even by people who love me. I hate that I suck at articulating what I mean.

Also, I hate dogs that won't quit barking.

I can't find shiso leaf anywhere, which makes eating umeshiso rolls impossible outside of the one restaurant in Vegas I know that serves them.

Also, I am unable to do backflips.

Plus also, I am unable to fold spacetime, even though it would save me a lot on gas money for the trip we're about to embark on. I'd settle for a transporter, wouldn't even mind if philosophically it could be argued that the reassembled me at the other end is not actually me but an indistinguishable copy.

Me too. Damn spacetime!

Almost everyone interested in me is either already in another, closed relationship, or too far away.


Too far away? Long distance relationships probably work better than you think. Not that they're without their own, special, crazy-making frustration. But still way better than nothing.

They take effort, though. You have to make it art of your life.

Do a lot in realtime - phone calls, instant mesaage client of your choice. Schedule realtime events ('meet you online at 6'). And then don't skip out on them; if it inconveniences your life enough, if you schedule around it and mutter disconsolately when you miss a meeting, you're probably in the right mindspace.

Lots of in-person visits, too, even if it's just for a weekend.


I want to complain about my own lack of motivation, concentration and ambition! GRUMP!


Bah. Not only am I not in a relationship, but the odds of my ever finding one are low enough that I've basically written off the possibility.

Almost everyone interested in me is already in another, open relationship, but I'm not much interested in part-time...


As long as complaining about relationships is the in thing to do, I will note that I'm so odd, sexually, emotionally and otherwise, that inflicting myself on someone in a relationship seems downright unethical.

I'd like to complain that all the most interesting complaints are anonymous. At least include your IP address, I might be able to identify you from that.

i'd like to complain that i'm leaving in an hour for skool, and my boyfriend is on the roof happily hammering away at things so my parents will have a roof for their front porch. hmph. i will see him this weekend, though.

my jack daniels piggy bank is also almost entirely empty. and i am sweating like a whore in church.


I think the lamest things are "deep"
Like : "For one bright shining moment, she FLEW"
"I hid my soul behind white teeth and hearty laugh
Bit back the bitter bile, swallowed the salt of tears
So when they think of me again, they will remember the joy
And not be alienated by my petty fears"
Melodrama and angst and all that jazz

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